The not so small print

It is common sense but our terms and conditions are important

1.  Bookings  cannot  be  confirmed  until  payment  is  received.  We  reserve  the  right  to  cancel  and  refund  100%  of the  payment

2. Payment is to be made within  24  hours  of  any  booking   

3. You will arrange and pay for your flights to and from Geneva and you will inform of the flight number, airline and times names  of  passengers  as  they  appear  on  passports  at least one week in advance of your outbound flight.  

4. Whilst we will do our best to accommodate flight cancellations and longer delays (over 1 hour) we agree that these situations are outside our control. Extra costs maybe incurred.

4.1 If your flight lands ontime or is delayed we cannot wait beyond 1 hour from the scheduled time of arrival. It is your responsibility to be as quick as you can through the airport to meet us. Delays to baggage or long queues at passport control are not our responsibility and whilst we will endeavour to wait as long as possible, on busy days we will have to leave without you if you are beyond the hour limit.

4.2 It will not always be possible to return to collect you if we have a very full schedule.

4.3 additional costs including but not limited to hotel accommodation, taxi fayres, meals are not our responsibility and we insist that you have adequate insurance to cover these specifics.

5. 100euro will be deducted for each and any incidents of damage/illness whilst being transported either from/to the airport or from/to any location whilst with us.

6. Abusive  language/behaviour  towards  our  emplyees  or  your  fellow  passengers  will  not  be  tolerated.  Ours  staff  have  100%  discretion  as  to  whether  to  accept you  onto  our  vehicles.  With  100%  loss  of  transfer  fees

7. If snow/snowpack conditions change or make it impossible for us to travel  we  will  not  be  liable  for  any  loss  incurred.

8. Appearing to be or being under the influence of social or illegal drugs will not be tolerated. 

9. Alcohol consumption is down to you but if the employee  feels at anytime safety is being compromised because of it, we give them full control as to the course of action.

10. We  are  not  repsonsible  for  flight  delays/cancellations  although  we  will  use  reasonable  endeavours  to  make  sure  we  get  you  to  your  destination.

11. All medical conditions/injuries must be disclosed prior to arrival. If you are unclear please seek professional medical advice. Any failure to do so may result in loss of deposit or full amount.

12. Cancellation less  than 2  weeks from  booking   will be free.  Anytime  beyond  that will result in loss of 100%.

13. You will be responsible for all your insurance needs especially but not restricted to flight cancellations and delays, loss and damage to property, medical services on and off the mountain including evacuation off the mountain. 

14. If you take advantage of our discounted hire services, a deposit will be taken and any damage (outside wear and tear) will be paid for out of the deposit taken.

15  We both agree that weather can change very quickly in the mountains, we will do our very best to keep to time schedules and routes but that heavy snowfall, avalanches and road conditions mean that we will all need to be flexible when or if our plans need to change.

16  Shared  transfers may  require  a  wait  of  up  to  90  minutes  from  the  time  you  get  through  to  the  arrivals  hall.  You  are  eligible  for  a  refund  of  €10  pp  per  hour  for  wait  time  thereafter

17. Seating  allocation  on  the  buses  shall  be  the  responsibility  of  the  driver

18.  No  smoking  on  our  buses.  There  will  not  be  any  smoking  stops  allowed

19.  Unless  agreed  otherwise  we  will  take  you  to  your  destination  without  any detours  to  shops,  etc

20.Bookings made from December 1st onwards will attract an early surcharge (for flights arriving or departing Geneva before 8am) of €50 or a late surcharge (for flights arriving at Geneva) of €50. 

21. Unless agreed in writing it is assumed that you will be bringing one cabin sized peice of luggage per passenger. We reserve the right to refuse a transfer if more than an agreed amount is presented for transport.